Perimeter Security Surveillance

Perimeter security can be defined as systems and technologies that protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by blocking unauthorized physical intrusions across the perimeter.

Myriad defense ‘layers’ should be equipped to protect the boundary and should comprise: the holistic site and property perimeter, eg the fence line; the inner territory perimeter, eg specific buildings or key infrastructure; the building facade perimeter, ie the external building shell; and the internal perimeter, eg internal space where restricted access is necessary. Each layer should help delay, deter and detect intrusion.

Over the past decade, advances in technology have helped increase the scope of perimeter security systems. Historically used to prevent and detect intrusions in military facilities, critical infrastructure, and other high-risk sites, perimeter security solutions are now being used in areas such as commercial and residential sites, retail spaces, transportation sites, and many other urban and remote locations.

Based on our experience in the CCTV Solutions and the weakness of this type of solutions in wide area and big perimeters, FARAD decided to provide the best effective solutions in the field of wide area protection using the new technologies.

So currently we designing perimeter security solutions for our customers based on their demands using Microwave,IR and also dual-tech Barriers combined with CCTV solutions.